Cylinder and Valve Servicing

alt=cylinder and valve servicing

Our scuba cylinder service program starts with a discussion with the customer regarding any problems they may have been experiencing, understanding the number of years they have had the cylinder, how long it has been since servicing and where, when and what type of service was last completed on their scuba cylinder. To initiate the process, the air is safely and completely drained from the cylinder in preparation for a comprehensive visual inspection.

Cylinder and Valve Services:

  • Aluminum or Steel
  • Hydrotesting (every 5 years)
  • Visual Inspection (yearly)
  • Internal Tumbling (all media)
  • Oxygen Cleaning (for nitrox blends)
  • Valve Servicing (all brands)
  • Burst Disk Replacement (2215 through 3442psi)

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  • Hydrotesting (with fill)    $70.00
  • Annual Visual (with fill)    $30.00
  • Oxygen Cleaning  $30.00



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Steel cylinders need to be tumbled or oxygen cleaned? We can do it! Aluminum cylinder need of hydrotesting? We can do it! Call now.