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At Calgary Scuba, we’ve made sure that we have a wide selection of equipment available for rent, suitable for all types of diving, every single season of the year.

We have almost every kind of equipment available imaginable. Go ahead, try us out! For those of you who are brave enough to want to dive locally, we’ve got awesome equipment rentals including twin cylinder sets, stage cylinders, deco regs, exposure suits, full face masks, and we even have underwater metal detectors. We have custom nitrox and trimix fills available for those qualified, with next day service, guaranteed!

Just take a look:

  • Masks (ones that actually fit)
  • Snorkels (sanitized for your safety)
  • Fins (many sizes and styles available)
  • Buoyancy Compensators (all kinds)
  • Regulators (including sidemount)
  • Cylinders (backmount, sidemount and stage)
  • Dive Computers (just ask)
  • Exposure Suits (wet and dry)
  • Underwater Cameras (call for availability)
  • U/W Metal Detectors (local rental available)

and more…

Package Pricing - Weekly

  • Mask, snorkle, fin package     $49.00
  • BCD and regulator     $125.00
  • Dive computer     $89.00
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Shirley Menard

Bio coming soon!

Whether you are a new snorkeler looking for some fun on a holiday before you buy gear,  an experienced diver or a dive professional – we’ve got the right dive equipment for you!